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Gold Country Mine, scrap information page

What is Scrap?

The term "scrap" is used to describe the gold and silver items we purchase, only because they are sent to a refiner and will become bullion.
Bullion is what people world wide prefer to hold as wealth preservation instruments. Ask us about converting your "scrap" into gold or silver to hold for your own future.

What we buy:
  • Gold and Silver jewelry; broken or not, with or without stones.
  • Dental gold; if you have dental work done that includes removal of crowns or bridges, ask your dentist for the removed gold-work and porcelain crowns.
  • Placer gold; We honor our local miners and endeavor to pay them what we consider to be the best pay-out for their hard work. We buy in nugget, button and grain form; as long as it is a form that is large enough to test.

jewelryJewelry dental goldDental Gold placer nuggetsPlacer Nuggets

The Evaluation

How we verify your items.
Whether it's jewelry or flatware, Silver must be marked with “Sterling” or “925”. In most cases we don't buy items without these marks.

Gold evaluation is essentially the same, we look for markings 10K, 14k, 18k etc...
if there are no markings we preform a touch stone test to obtain the karat content.
We then weigh your items on a digital scale by gram.
Once we have have done that we will calculate a per karat price based on the current spot price of gold.
This is a free estimate. If you like the total we will preform an acid test to verify that the item is not plated. The acid process may change the aesthetics of plated items by leaving a small discoloration on the most unobtrusive place we can find.

acid-testingAcid-dilution & stone used for karat testing
stone testingStone testing
weighing goldWeighing jewelry for Free Estimate

How to Sell us Scrap gold and silver

We make payment by Cash to in store customers only.
See information on this page on identifying items that we purchase.
We will be pleased to provide you with a no obligation estimate for the item(s) that you are considering selling.

We are not currently accepting mailed-in scrap gold or silver, or any other precious metals. We do not buy plated items. We do not re-sell jewelry.


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